How to Find the Right Toronto Rental Property for Your Fashion Boutique

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Choosing where to set up a small business is incredibly important to the success of the business. A good location for a fashion boutique should be affordable, visible and have good rental terms. Generally, the type of good or service offered by a store usually has the most influence on where a store is best fit to be located. For example, a shop selling specialty goods will be visited by customers who would not mind going the extra distance to buy a unique product.

A fashion boutique, on the other hand, would be selling jewelry, stylish clothes and other luxury items. It is then warranted for the fashion boutique be located in a shopping store preferably around other fashion boutiques as customers of these products would most probably want to compare prices before making a purchase. The fashion district, located between the intersection of Bathurst Street, Queen Street West to Spadina Avenue and King Street in downtown Toronto would be an ideal location to open a fashion boutique, but we will explore more options below.


Questions You Should Ask

Idyllic rental property for a fashion boutique can be found in many places outside the garment district in Toronto. There are a few fundamental questions you need to ask yourself concerning the fashion boutique that will help you come up with the perfect location. Some of these questions are; who are your customers? What kind of space would you need? How many people walk or drive past that location? These are questions that ICC Property Management can assist you in answering, as well as finding the right property.

Commercial Real Estate Space

A rental property near a large mall or store may benefit a fashion boutique. Besides getting the right location, the other main consideration to make is with regard to the location cost.  You should seek to work out the property tax and who will pay for it, additional marketing cost if the location is remote, maintenance costs, utility costs and so on. Other considerations to make in finding the right rental property in Toronto are the provision of special lighting or fixtures that may be needed in a fashion boutique, availability for dressing rooms, sanitation, parking etcetera. The right location decision could mean a fortune for the fashion boutique and its future. A decision such as this should thereby not be rushed. A property management firm would aid in finding just the right rental space.

Who Should You Go With?

Toronto real estate has been on a recent boom and finding a commercial space for a fashion boutique may pose quite a challenge. Soliciting the services of a property management firm would make quick work of the mountain of work it would take to secure the right rental spot. First, property managers can do the research related to finding the location such as obtaining location demographics from various sources including their own database. A real estate agent can do the footwork needed and negotiate fair fees and pricing for the rental. ICC Property Management is one of the best property management firms in the city that would help you get the right rental property in Toronto.

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