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Shine Bright With These Easy Bridal Mehendi Designs

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Frenzied shopping characterizes wedding season in India, as well as anywhere else in the world for beautiful clothes, jewelry, and a race to pick the most beautiful venue. When you think about it, it is not that different from wedding seasons in other countries which have different cultures. One thing that sets Indian weddings apart, however, is the custom of using Mehendi to draw beautiful and intricate designs on the hands, palms, and wrists of the bride. It is said that the deeper the color of the mehndi is, the deeper will be the love of the newly married couple!
Why Choose Mehndi?
In a lot of families and cultures, there is a whole different celebration that is woven around the art of putting mehndi on the bride. A lot of brides also opt to go for Mehndi on their feet and legs because of how beautiful the designs look, and also because the Mehndi is a sign that the woman has been married recently. It is the traditional way of proclaiming to the world of her married status. This custom is celebrated both in India and Pakistan, as well as a few other countries of the Middle East. A mehndi expert is called to draw various beautiful designs.

Mehndi Designs For Bridal Parties

There are a lot of types of latest mehndi designs for bridal purposes. Some of them are listed below:
Full Hand Mehndi – This is the most popular choice when it comes to different mehendi design for bridal occasions. In this type, Mehndi is used all over the palms, the back of the hand as well as the wrists and arms. Intricate designs making use of flower motifs, paisley, little curls as well as diamond shapes are used to trickily hide the initials of the groom’s name on the hands of the bride.
Floral Mehendi – A lot of women these days are opting for the floral mehendi styles instead of the traditional full hand mehndi. While full hand mehendi includes a lot of intricately drawn motifs, floral styles are based mainly on flowers. Various types of flowers are drawn with great detail to make the bride’s hand look as pretty as the flowers that are drawn on them. Some artists go for full detailed flowers which look very realistic, while others go for a more minimal look.
Arabic Mehendi – This style has seen a considerable rise in popularity in the last few years, during which a lot of celebrities were seen sporting this style. It is a unique blend of both floral and full hand mehendi styles, without the detail that is usually associated with them. Arabic mehendi mainly consists of minimal outlines drawn delicately all over the palms and hands, but the design does not cover the full hand.
Backhand Mehndi – Backhand mehndi design is perfect for every bride, no matter what kind of hand you may have. It has a lot of minute and intricate details which make it very attractive. It leaves the pals empty and focuses mainly on the back of the hand, and it very eye-catching.
With these different mehndi designs for bridal occasions, you will surely look like a star on your special day. So hire the best professional and wear before your wedding day.